ThunderWorks offers ThunderShirt Shelter Donation

May 31, 2016


Shelters and rescue groups around the country will be receiving ThunderShirts thanks to a generous donation by the company, ThunderWorks. The ThunderShirt helps to calm over 80% of dogs and cats by providing a gentle, constant pressure. This can be especially useful during summer storms and when fireworks or other loud noises occur.

For groups to receive a donation supporters should send the name of the shelter or rescue group to: @ThunderShirt a Tweet or message ThunderShirt on Facebook. While quantities last, ThunderWorks will send them a donation.

About ThunderWorks
Founded in 2009 in Durham, N.C., ThunderWorks’ mission is to provide innovative solutions for some of the most common challenges faced by families with pets. With two of the best known brands in the pet industry  – ThunderShirt and ThunderLeash – ThunderWorks is already helping millions of dogs and cats worldwide.

ThunderShirt is sold online at, as well as at retail stores – including retailers: Shopping, OnlyNaturalPet,, Brookstone, and more. A complete list can be found by searching ThunderShirt at As part of our ThunderWorks Gives Back program, the merchant regularly donates ThunderShirts to rescue organizations and shelters to help them manage their animals’ anxiety issues, and thus find permanent homes more quickly. Recent donation recipients include ASPCA, RedRover, Search Dog Foundation, Save-A-Pet, Hero Dogs, multiple SPCAs among others.



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