Merchant ‘Good Works’ Story – featuring Zumba

September 30, 2015







“The Fight Ain’t Over so the Party Don’t Stop!” is the slogan for Zumba‘s current fundraisier – Party in Pink!  Zumba hosts Zumbathon events all over the world, with all proceeds going towards the fight against breast cancer.  Zumba has partnered with Susan G. Komen to raise money through DANCE.  Get up off that thing and join the movement! Whether it’s one person, or one hundred, every little bit helps. Together, we are unstoppable.

pip_zumbathon_image_1 (1)

For two years now, Zumba and Komen have been working towards a $3,000,000 Research Grant that is focused on prevention research.  Specifically, the researchers have been looking into the effects of flaxseed on pre-menopausal women, a promising solution given the easy availability of flaxseed worldwide. pip_zumbathon_image



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