Merchant ‘Good Works’ Story – featuring Revisit Products

February 25, 2015

National parks are considered by many as one of the national treasures of the United States.  Every year they provide campgrounds, recreation areas, and swathes of protected forests and lakes and rivers for the multitudes of visitors hoping to escape into nature.  The national park system is operating on an ever-tightening budget, causing many roads to fall into disrepair, rangers to have to cover ground further and further away, and irreplaceable historical sites are receiving less maintenance every year.


Glacier National Park

Enter Revisit Products: they are dedicated to giving as much as they can to the national parks with their “Quarter Back” program.  Revisit donates a full 25% of their profits to designated national parks, working with them to determine where their money could make the most impact.  At the moment, they’re working with four parks, on projects ranging from a youth core employment program in Glacier National Park to buying and maintaining bikes for the rangers in Independence Historical Park.


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