Merchant ‘Good Works’ Story – featuring Fairytale Brownies

February 5, 2015


Fairytale Brownies, bringing your favorite treats straight to your door, has collaborated with kabOOM to bring playtime straight to the door of children across America.  kabOOM has been working towards the goal of having a playground within walking distance of every child in America.  In the spirit of celebrating that time of play in a child’s life, Fairytale Brownies has donated over $100,000 to kabOOM in both money and brownies.  In 2011, Fairytale Brownies funded and built a 3,100 square-foot playground for homeless and transitional students at a school in Pheonix.


They have also pledged to match any donations their customers make to kabOOM, up to $5000.  So if you want to support playgrounds across America, AND get brownies at the same time, Fairytale Brownies is the way to go.



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