Merchant ‘Good Works’ Story – featuring Chantecaille

September 3, 2015

 Chantecaille has taken up the cause of protecting and conserving our wolf population!  As they put it, “As top predators, wolves play a vital role in maintaining the natural balance of the environment.  When wolves are present in our national parks, our forests, prairies, waters and all other animals are at their healthiest.  While wolves have been reintroduced into the wild they are no longer protected as an endangered species in certain regions.”




2008 photo of a Lookout Pack wolf, Photo: Conservation Northwest

Chantecaille has created a Protect The Wolves collection, with 5% of all profits going to the non-profit Conservation Northwest!  Conservation Northwest focuses on many aspects of wildlife and habitat preservation in the Pacific Northwest, including wolves.   They believe that ” Washington can be the state where natural wolf recovery and management works in the long run; for people, wolves and all the Northwest’s wildlife.”  They safeguard that recovery by helping to reduce conflicts and build social tolerance.


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