Merchant Good Works story – featuring BeGood

March 31, 2015

BeGood provides eco friendly clothing at direct-to-consumer prices. Creating a premium product and minimizing our environmental impact needn’t be mutually exclusive.  BeGood pursues a planet-friendly production cycle from start to finish.

In addition to purchases benefiting your chosen iGive Cause, BeGood donates 12 gallons of clean drinking water to their partner non-profit, Evidence Action, for the sale of each item on their website.




Their own stated Radical Belief: “Our ambitious mission is to be the first closed-loop retailer. It has gone mostly overlooked that big retail is the second most pollutive industry on earth. Today, we produce about 10% of the chemical and water waste of a conventional manufacturer.  By examining our supply chain from seed to stitch, we believe we can expose holes in the industry and work to fix them. Like you, we’re passionately curious.”

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