May Super Shopper Story

April 29, 2015

Amy M. raised $356 for her cause, California Clean Money Campaign!2012-04-12-california-clean-money-campaign-disclose

California Clean Money Campaign is a non-profit committed to ensuring an accountable and transparent government, through building support for publicly funded election campaigns.  Private, big-money donations fuel campaigns across America, and skew the favor of politicians towards special interest groups that can fund them.  Clean Money campaigns have been successful in several other states already, notably Maine and Arizona.  The California Clean Money Campaign wants to see that same initiative enacted in California, and supports the CA DISCLOSE Act.  Their grassroots efforts to support publicly funded campaigns have paid off with steps towards greater transparency in California campaign financing – SB 844 (mandating online transparency of the top ten campaign funders for/against propositions) was signed into law in 2014.

To fund Amy’s personal shopping and donation success, iGive has partnered with to give her a super shopper prize of a June Jacobs At Home Spa Kit (worth $168).


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