July Super Shopper Story

June 30, 2015

Cassandra R. raised $264 in one month for her cause, Small Paws Rescue!

Small Paws romeobrosis one of the preeminent Bichon Frise dog rescues in the country!  They have rescued over 10,000 Bichons in the sixteen years they have been operating.  They take great pride in their work to care for, treat, and adopt out their pups.  Their visibility has gone up and up, with appearances on Animal Planet and Fox and Friends, along with others, raising awareness of the great work done by Small Paws Rescue.  Small Paws has been with iGive for fourteen years and in that time they’ve raised over $19,300 for their Bichons!


Robin Pressnall, Executive Director of Small Paws Rescue

For her efforts, Cassandra will receive a $150 e-certificate from Canvas World!canvasworld-logo

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