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Listing Your Cause With iGive Is Free And Easy

With iGive, you don't have to stress over finding easy fundraising ideas. iGive members can list any group, cause, or charity in the U.S. or Canada, big or small, so long as it's dedicated to doing good. 501(c)3 nonprofit status is not required.

Once listed, anybody can choose to help your cause. Any time they shop, a portion of their purchase is donated, simply and automatically. It's both free to the shopper and free to the cause. With iGive, you can forget all of your other time-consuming, expensive charity fundraiser ideas.

Every day, people list their favorite causes like animal shelters, schools, churches, disease research groups, social outreach efforts, classrooms, kids' teams, PTAs, and arts groups. The options are truly unlimited, making it the simplest of any of your easy fundraising ideas. Only organizations that promote violence or hate, as well as political campaigns, do NOT qualify.

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Follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Register your personal information.
  2. Enter your cause's information.
  3. Spread the word and start shopping.
  4. Receive checks from iGive.

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