Beyond Cash – How Business Leaders Can Help

March 19, 2020

Many businesses, small and large, want to do all that they can during these challenging times. Many of these companies are also fighting for their own survival, so giving money isn’t a choice. But they still would like to help. We built this virtual suggestion box to give business leaders one place to look for suggestions. To get started, we asked 450,000 iGive and iConsumer members (plus 35,000 iGive charities) what they would suggest a business leader might consider.

Not every suggestion is appropriate for every business, but who knows, maybe one is right for a business in which you’re involved.

Let’s make this virtual suggestion box as robust as we can. Whether you’re a business leader, a non profit leader, or just somebody special, share good suggestions (they don’t have to be original).

After a short review (we’ll try to eliminate duplication and keep suggestions short), we’re posting the ideas we receive on this blog. To make sure these suggestions get a wide audience Issuer Direct / AccessWire is publishing press releases highlighting them.

How it works:

Email suggestions as to how business might help to (or just leave comments on this post). If you know of a charity that can help put the suggestion into practice, also let us know their name and contact info. We also want to give you credit for making the suggestion, so tell us who you are. We know that every charity needs money right now, but this isn’t the place to seek donations. Read the posts below to see the kinds of things we think will attract business interest.

Who’s behind this effort?

Issuer Direct (NASDAQ: ISDR) is a leading provider of corporate services for public companies, including Accesswire. iConsumer (OTCQB: RWRDP): where consumer become shareholders simply by shopping. Since 1997, iGive members have supported charities simply by shopping.

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