Essentials for a Perfect Summer Party

July 11, 2012

The heat is going strong this summer and so should your summer festivities! Here’s some tips to remember when planning the perfect summer party for your friends and family.

The first thing in planning a great summer get together is planning the menu. Food brings everyone together and whether you’re cooking on the grill or baking away in the kitchen, your food selection is a key component in the success of a party. Try those new recipes you read in magazines day after day because chances are, if they grab your attention, they’ll grab your friends and families’ as well.   

To go with the food you serve, make sure your cookware is up to par with the vibe you’re going for with your party. If it’s an intimate setting, go the extra step and get inspired by some craft ideas you’ve seen and dress up utensils or create a centerpiece. Don’t be intimidated by new ideas because, in the end, you still have the nearest convenience store to stock up on paper goods if you end up being pressed for time.

After the inside details are taken care of, move on to the outside. You want your guests to not only be wowed by the food, but also by their surroundings. This may be the perfect time to snatch up that patio set you’ve been eyeing for weeks or the time to plant a variety of flowers  in unexpected ways. Antique stores are also the perfect place to pick up some vintage pieces to add to your garden and to add a little flare to your decor.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, make sure their are some fun new games to go along with it to entertain your guests’ children. New games and outdoor activities will keep the little ones out of trouble and a give their parents a chance to relax.

To add to the vibe of your party, create a custom playlist to have playing in the background. Music is another key component for a successful summer bash so don’t rely on a generic cd, but take the time and put together a mix that includes the jams you know your guests will enjoy.

The last, but most important part in planning a summer party, is to remember to enjoy it! After all the details are taken care of and everything seems to be coming together, before the party, have a day to yourself. Go and get a manicure and splurge on a new outfit for the party. You need to look and feel your best to have a great time. After all, you’ve earned it!

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