December Super Shopper Story

December 2, 2015

Bradley B. raised over $800 in ONE MONTH for Chicago-based Theatre-Hikes.

Begun in 2001, Theatre-Hike’s goal is to combine the three E’s:

Exercise, Environment and Entertainment. 11838601_967276929961192_7165108237878843145_o

When you come to a Theatre-Hikes™ performance you are greeted by our Hike Leader who will guide you on a short walk through the scenes of our show. You will sit for a bit and then pick up your seats, blankets etc and walk a short bit to the next scene, and so on.

We do our best to bring you back to where you met us, so you can jump back in your car, bike, bus or train back to your home.

 Novica will be sending a $150 value gift card to Bradley in celebration of his outstanding efforts on behalf of his iGive Cause!



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