March 31, 2015

BeGood provides eco friendly clothing at direct-to-consumer prices. Creating a premium product and minimizing our environmental impact needn’t be mutually exclusive.  BeGood pursues a planet-friendly production cycle from start to finish.

In addition to purchases benefiting your chosen iGive Cause, BeGood donates 12 gallons of clean drinking water to their partner non-profit, Evidence Action, for the sale of each item on their website.




Their own stated Radical Belief: “Our ambitious mission is to be the first closed-loop retailer. It has gone mostly overlooked that big retail is the second most pollutive industry on earth. Today, we produce about 10% of the chemical and water waste of a conventional manufacturer.  By examining our supply chain from seed to stitch, we believe we can expose holes in the industry and work to fix them. Like you, we’re passionately curious.”

February 25, 2015

National parks are considered by many as one of the national treasures of the United States.  Every year they provide campgrounds, recreation areas, and swathes of protected forests and lakes and rivers for the multitudes of visitors hoping to escape into nature.  The national park system is operating on an ever-tightening budget, causing many roads to fall into disrepair, rangers to have to cover ground further and further away, and irreplaceable historical sites are receiving less maintenance every year.


Glacier National Park

Enter Revisit Products: they are dedicated to giving as much as they can to the national parks with their “Quarter Back” program.  Revisit donates a full 25% of their profits to designated national parks, working with them to determine where their money could make the most impact.  At the moment, they’re working with four parks, on projects ranging from a youth core employment program in Glacier National Park to buying and maintaining bikes for the rangers in Independence Historical Park.


February 5, 2015


Fairytale Brownies, bringing your favorite treats straight to your door, has collaborated with kabOOM to bring playtime straight to the door of children across America.  kabOOM has been working towards the goal of having a playground within walking distance of every child in America.  In the spirit of celebrating that time of play in a child’s life, Fairytale Brownies has donated over $100,000 to kabOOM in both money and brownies.  In 2011, Fairytale Brownies funded and built a 3,100 square-foot playground for homeless and transitional students at a school in Pheonix.


They have also pledged to match any donations their customers make to kabOOM, up to $5000.  So if you want to support playgrounds across America, AND get brownies at the same time, Fairytale Brownies is the way to go.



January 2, 2015


header-logo dominates the United States athletic shoe market – it is the number one seller of name-brand athletic footwear in the USA.  Footlocker also dominates the philanthropy market; in 2001 the retailer established a philanthropic organization called the Foot Locker Foundation.


UNCF Scholars

Every year, this foundation awards up to 20 scholarships of $20,000 each to hard-working scholar-athletes.  Last year, the 20 recipients included a Nepalese refugee and soccer player now studying engineering to improve the infrastructure in his home country, a basketball player who channeled her difficult home life into volunteer work in her community, and a soccer player who’s determination after a catastrophic car accident is the reason she can play at all.

The Foot Locker Foundation also has a strong partnership with the United Negro College Fund.  Every year, the Foundation raises money for the UNCF through the On Our Feet gala, which has provided over 600 students with scholarships.


On Our Feet Gala


December 4, 2014


It’s getting to be that time of the year when you have to PLAN YOUR FUTURE and you have nowhere to put all those pesky appointments that fall after January 1st!  Thanks to Mead, you can now buy a 2015 calendar or planner that helps generate a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project – two birds, one stone.


The Wounded Warrior Project is an organization that works with wounded veterans, raising awareness and providing support for every service member that comes home injured.  Their vision is to “foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history”.


Between June 1 2013 and December 31 2014, ACCO Brands, the manufacturer of AT-A-GLANCE planning products, has pledged to donate a minimum of $125,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project, making your 2015 planner (found at Mead) a valiant purchase indeed.


October 29, 2014

nomorerack has turned browsing a discount rack online into a chance to give back to the community and donate to charity!  The discount store offers a Charity Deal program – with every Charity Deal purchase nomorerack will donate to that month’s non-profit organization.  Some of the causes they’ve helped in the past include Runway to Hope, a Florida charity that raises money for the fight against pediatric cancer, Family Giving Tree, an organization that supplies gifts and backpacks full of school supplies across California during the holidays, and The Rose, a non-profit dedicated to fighting breast cancer, along with many more.


“Thank you nomorerack™ for your support of The Rose. Your generous of donation will truly make a difference in your community and we feel privileged you selected The Rose for your fundraising project.”

~Michelle Hanson
Manager, Special Events, The Rose

October 1, 2014

Twelve percent of teenagers in the United States today have undetected or untreated vision problems.  That’s a staggering number of children that are being negatively impacted by an easily treatable problem.  Tortoise & Blonde heard these statistics and decided they needed to help.  To do so, they collaborated with a non-profit called EyeCare 4 Kids.


EyeCare 4 Kids is a non-profit that helps vision-impaired low-income children get the treatment they need to see clearly.  They serve over 200 kids per week, 10,400 kids a year, mostly in Utah and Nevada.  EyeCare 4 Kids is closely involved with education – providing families the knowledge necessary to keep their kids’ vision healthy and working.   Tortoise & Blonde has donated $230,000 worth of eyeglass frames and tailor-made lenses to EyeCare 4 Kids.  They are committed to lowering that shocking twelve percent statistic.

EyeCare 4 Kids


August 27, 2014

SmartWool is committed to staying true to their values and giving back to their community. They believe in “capitalism with a conscience” and that “actions speak louder than words.”


SmartWool gives back through its SmartWool General Advocacy Fund.  SmartWool Advocacy was born out of the desire to give back to the communities of its employees and clients.  Exposure to the wilderness and outdoor education can greatly improve and enrich a person’s life.  Proceeds from SmartWool’s e-commerce outlet go towards non-profits such as these that help bring kids out into the wilderness.  Since 2005, SmartWool has given back to its communities to the tune of over a million dollars.


July 29, 2014

Time for that Back to School shopping craze?  Why not make a difference and buy your books through Better World Books.  Better World Books is a company with a Triple Bottom Line – meaning they’re out for more than just profit.  They contribute to over eighty literacy partners including Room to Read, Books for Africa, Worldfund, and National Center for Families Learning.  Every time you buy a book (including textbooks!) from Better World Books, they donate a book to someone in need.


Along with investing their resources in people, Better World Books invests in the planet by offsetting the carbon from shipping their books and rescuing and collecting thousands of tons of books, diverting them from landfills.  They have reused or recycled over 130 million books and reclaimed 900,000 pounds of metal shelving from libraries across America.better-world-books-logo


July 2, 2014

FedEx has built a global network serving more than 220 countries and territories and moving over 8 million packages every single day.  They are proud of the ways they connect the world and believe their responsibility to provide access to opportunity extends beyond their customers. They’re committed to supporting the communities they serve through strategic investment of their people, resources and network within three focus areas: Disaster Readiness Relief and Recovery, Pedestrian and Road Safety, and Environmental Sustainability.  FedEx is also proud to support the efforts of United Way and ORBIS International.


“EarthSmart is our way of recognizing and encouraging innovative initiatives to improve environmental performance, engage our team members and custormers and inspire others to follow our lead,” – Fedex Global Citizenship Report, 2013



FedEx is uniquely positioned to help with disaster relief due to their extensive global network.  “When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in November 2013, Fedex worked with Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International to deliver more than $10 million worth of relief aid to devastated communities across the region,” – Fedex Global Citizenship Report, 2013.