March 31, 2016

There are so many stories about merchants making a positive change in the world that we’ve created a new site to celebrate them!  For the latest news, check out Merchant Good Works.

If you’ve had an especially good interaction with a store, online or in person, let us know so we can celebrate the Good Works!


February 3, 2016

There are so many stories about merchants making a positive change in the world that we’ve created a new site to celebrate them!  For the latest news, check out  Merchant Good Works.

If you’ve had an especially good interaction with a store, online or in person, let us know so we can celebrate the Good Works!


December 31, 2015

EXOfficio Header

ExOfficio doesn’t just sell adventure travel clothes, it’s committed to ensuring that the adventure is worthwhile!  ExOfficio does this by partnering with philanthropic programs that give back around the globe.  Currently, they are helping to support four philanthropic partners:

  • Rivers of Recovery, an organization that creates adventures and amazWorldConcerning experiences for disabled veterans and their families
  • World Concern, a non-profit that provides lifesaving assistance to people in dire need
  • The Wilderness Classroom, an organization that helps get students out of their classrooms and into the wild all across the globe

Each one of these non-profits is helping the world around them, and every cent counts.  Make every day an adventure.


ExOfficio Footer


December 2, 2015

It is the mission of the Precious Moments Supporting Foundation to glorify God through hope, promise, and celebration; to nurture, develop and encourage creativity; and to provide children with the tools to explore the arts through charitable donations, volunteers and special projects.


As a non-profit, 501 (c )(3) organization with an emphasis on the arts, it is the Precious Moments Supporting Foundation’s purpose to enable children to recognize their God given gifts. Community involvement with churches, local schools, home school groups and other organizations is the Foundation’s primary focus. Creating events to include theater, song, dance and art will provide our youth an opportunity to explore and share their talents. Our facilities are available to the public for events and projects that coincide with the Foundation’s mission statement. The Precious Moments Supporting Foundation welcomes volunteers with a passion for the arts to assist in molding our youth fundamentally, socially and spiritually.

The Precious Moments Supporting Foundation is the sole support for the Precious Moments Chapel and grounds.


October 29, 2015

Seeing is believing, and you better believe that VSP Direct – individual vision insurance provided through VSP Vision Care – the #1 name in vision care, is working hard to spread the gift of sight as far and wide as possible.


VSP Direct already has a program in place that allows you to give an individual vision insurance plan to someone you care about.  Now, they’ve made it so that your gift keeps on giving.  According to VSP, 76% of American students aren’t getting the proper amount of eye exams, and one in four children has an undiagnosed vision problem.  VSP Vision Care, the largest not-for-profit vision benefits and services company in the U.S.,  wants to change that statistic.

“When you give the Gift of Sight from VSP, you give twice.”

VSP Direct has launched the program #EyeGiveBack.  When you purchase a vision insurance plan as a gift through December 31, 2015*, VSP will donate an eye exam and glasses to a child in need, up to a total retail value of over $115,000.



September 30, 2015







“The Fight Ain’t Over so the Party Don’t Stop!” is the slogan for Zumba‘s current fundraisier – Party in Pink!  Zumba hosts Zumbathon events all over the world, with all proceeds going towards the fight against breast cancer.  Zumba has partnered with Susan G. Komen to raise money through DANCE.  Get up off that thing and join the movement! Whether it’s one person, or one hundred, every little bit helps. Together, we are unstoppable.

pip_zumbathon_image_1 (1)

For two years now, Zumba and Komen have been working towards a $3,000,000 Research Grant that is focused on prevention research.  Specifically, the researchers have been looking into the effects of flaxseed on pre-menopausal women, a promising solution given the easy availability of flaxseed worldwide. pip_zumbathon_image



September 3, 2015

 Chantecaille has taken up the cause of protecting and conserving our wolf population!  As they put it, “As top predators, wolves play a vital role in maintaining the natural balance of the environment.  When wolves are present in our national parks, our forests, prairies, waters and all other animals are at their healthiest.  While wolves have been reintroduced into the wild they are no longer protected as an endangered species in certain regions.”




2008 photo of a Lookout Pack wolf, Photo: Conservation Northwest

Chantecaille has created a Protect The Wolves collection, with 5% of all profits going to the non-profit Conservation Northwest!  Conservation Northwest focuses on many aspects of wildlife and habitat preservation in the Pacific Northwest, including wolves.   They believe that ” Washington can be the state where natural wolf recovery and management works in the long run; for people, wolves and all the Northwest’s wildlife.”  They safeguard that recovery by helping to reduce conflicts and build social tolerance.


July 30, 2015

The hotel chain Extended Stay America has partnered with the American Cancer Society in an unprecedented donation – 40,000 free or significantly reduced hotel rooms for cancer patients.  Over the course of two years, Extended Stay America will provide a home away from home from those traveling for life-saving cancer treatments.  The partnership, called Keys of Hope, is intended to alleviate the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge program, as it is often operating at full capacity.  Extended Stay America’s donated rooms expand that capacity immensely, while curating a pleasant, home-like environment for those struggling with the burdens of fighting cancer.



June 30, 2015

Twillory has teamed up with the charity CareerGear to make donating used clothing SO MUCH EASIER!  With every Twillory purchase, they include a pre-paid mailer bag for you to put all of your old dress shirts.  Twillory takes the old shirts, inspects them, launders them, and then donates them to CareerGear to be distributed to those in need.



The partnership between Twillory and CareerGear brings the donation process right to your doorstep, making it so much easier to get those old clothes out of your closet.  And, on the flip side, your repurposed clothing will help the unemployed, homeless, and disaster-stricken, giving them one less thing to worry about.


April 29, 2015


fsaLogo is donating to the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life!  The online medical supply store has dedicated 5% of every purchase over $50 to fund cancer research.  Relay For Life is one of the premier fundraising events for the American Cancer Society.  Every year, communities across the globe come together to “honor cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that has already taken too much.”  By donating part of their profits to Relay For Life, is giving to an event that means so much to so many, and helping fund research towards preventing cancer.


On, use the promo code: HOPE1 and they will donate 5% of every purchase over $50.  On top of that, you will earn a $25 promo code (for a future purchase)!  Not to mention the normal 2.4% Donation to Your iGive Cause!  Through May 17th, will be proudly supporting the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life.rfl-logo