May 31, 2016

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that works with more than 150 partner rescue groups and no-kill shelters to offer important programs and services to save the lives of NYC’s homeless animals. Receiving no government funding, we are supported by donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals.

2014 Progress Report

• More than 8 out of 10 lives saved

•  More than 60,000
spay/neuter surgeries

•  More than 15,000
transfers from AC&C

•  More than 13,700 transports through W299263_10152664220780321_1117690720_nheels of Hope member Nikitas K. wrote in to say: “It’s a great and amazing charity to be part of that I am honored to be part of something so great and positive! People all around the state should help us in creating more in helping our animals stay well.”  You can join Nikitas by signing up for here and shopping our 1700+ partner stores!


April 27, 2016

National Seizure Disorders Foundation (NSDF) bridges the gap between diagnosis and cure for 65+ million affected by seizures across the globe. The benefits offered through iGive have helped NSDF education, support, and resources that lift affected people from isolation and self-oppression to overcoming the bondage of diagnosis and to actively being more than a diagnosis. NSDF empowers people affected by seizures to live productive lives, overcoming guilt, shame, worry, and fear.

In the words of NSDF supporter and iGive member Tonya: “Most recently, iGive has strengthened our “Rewarding Our Caregivers” program and allowed NSDF to provide a chosen family caregiver the resources he needed to continue providing for the seizure survivor in his life.  Do your part to make this world a better place. Encourage others to use iGive.”

You can learn more about the Caregivers program and nominate the caregiver in your life here.

March 31, 2016

Buddha Maitreya the Christ offers meditation and dharma teachings to those looking for a more spiritual existence.  He is the Medicine Buddha, offering healing blessings to those who seek them.  One iGive member describes his teachings below:

“Buddha Maitreya the Christ offers Om Pyramid Group Meditations live online – an offering he makes for people to share his meditation and receive his blessings. Buddha Maitreya teaches about receiving his healing blessings and what it means to meditate on OM. He teaches about virtue and his transmission of virtue, how he transmutes glamours unconditionally through meditating with people, and through blessing his tools so that everyone can receive the offering of His Incarnation.  All the donations goes to clinics he supports and feeding people.”


February 25, 2016

Featuring Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is dedicated to enriching the lives of blind and visually impaired men and women by providing them with the freedom to travel safely, thereby assuring greater independence, dignity and new horizons of opportunity.

Recently, iGive member, Deborah F., reached out to tell us a little more about her personal experience:

“Before my dog I would bump my way along and felt helpless and lost. With my dog, we fly down the sidewalk and he simply goes around danger. I am never alone and can once again leave my home and get out and explore! Thank you GEB!”

Guiding Eyes for the Blind gifts highly trained dogs to the blind – at NO COST to the student.  Through iGive supporters’ online shopping, over $800 has been raised for this good cause!


February 3, 2016

The Israel Children’s Cancer Foundation is on the forefront of the fight against cancer.  Cancer is the number one killer of children in Israel; 1 in every 330 children under the age of 20 develops some form of cancer.  “Although Israel is technologically advanced in many areas, the delivery of cancer care … has not kept pace with the country’s progress. There is a compelling need for providing quality medical care in Israel to children…who are afflicted with the dreaded disease of cancer” (ICCF).


Well-to-do patients often go overseas to seek treatment for cancer, however for those who cannot afford the travel or the treatments, options are limited.  ICCF offers “assistance to every child in the State of Israel, regardless of race, creed, or national origin.  The Israel Children’s Cancer Foundation helps fund six major hospitals and medical centers in Israel specifically for the treatment of childhood cancers” (ICCF).

“I would like to thank…ICCF again for your generous and constant support…The ICCF now plays a central role in the Pediatric Oncology effort in Israel, not only in financial support but also in education and advocacy… We hope to maintain this partnership for many years to come.”

-Dr. Michael Weintraub,
Director of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem.

December 31, 2015

The Massachusetts Lion’s Eye Research Fund is a non-profit organization that works to fund research on the prevention and cure of eye-related diseases.  It is focused in the Boston area and currently awards nearly $1 million in grants per year – grants funded by donations.


In 1925, Helen Keller addressed the Lions Clubs International convention and challenged them to become “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness”.  In the spirit of Helen Keller, the Massachusetts Lion’s Eye Research Fund was founded in 1951, and since then has funded over $32 million of grants.


As one iGive member describes, “In the early 1950s, Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc. (MLERFi) awarded its first grant to doctors at Harvard Medical School to search for the cause of “blind baby disease” which affected 2500 premature babies per year. That grant helped confirm the discovery that too much oxygen in incubators was the cause. The solution: a 5-cent valve to control the flow of oxygen. Since then, over 150,000 premature babies’ sight has been saved. Today, MLERFi funds bold and innovative research to save and restore the sight of infants and adults alike. Since [they] are an all-volunteer organization, 100% of the funds donated are awarded as research grants. Your donation will help our researchers save or even restore someone’s vision.”mlerfi_official_logo

December 2, 2015

Kerri G. dropped us a note about her beloved iGive Cause, Women of the Moose!


The Women of the Moose Chapter 2274 provides social, sports, family and community service opportunities in a fraternal setting. Members of the Women of the Moose dedicate many volunteer hours to those in need, not only in our own chapters but, more importantly, to those in their communities. We assist in the support and maintenance of a 1,000-acre community and school in Illinois called “Mooseheart” for babies, children and teens from throughout North America who, for whatever reason, lack a stable home.


October 29, 2015


No more HOMELESS, FREEZING, or STARVING pets is the mission of Operation Warm & Cozy Inc., a dog and horse shelter founded in 2009 in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  It is a no-kill sanctuary that offers pets a home if their owners are no longer able to care for them.  They remain at Operation Warm & Cozy for as long as need be, until they get placed in a new loving home.


Brittany, rescued by OWC and now in a loving forever home

Along with offering shelter, Operation Warm & Cozy runs a couple of other programs to help homeless and hungry pets.  They provide low-cost spay/neuter options for pet owners as well as deliver free straw to outdoor pets and provide free pet food to those in need.

September 30, 2015

“I thought I was going to have to wear the same clothes everyday to school this year,” -Shirley, Operation School Bell recipient


“No child should wear poverty to school”

The Assistance League of Greater Portland is now in its 50th year of service to its community!  Assistance League members have “assisted victims of assault, provided Life Story Books to foster children, and impacted young men in transition by working with Janus Youth.”  They have also made a huge impact through the national flagship program Operation School Bell.  Operation School Bell  provides new clothing for over 2000 children and youth living below the poverty level in the Portland area.  One member submitted this story:

“Operation School Bell® took a freshman girl, Shirley, on a shopping trip after her family’s apartment was totally gutted by fire. She had only her pajamas and flip flops. A friend gave her a pair of jeans and a top to wear and the program provided funds for underwear, tops, jeans and shoes. Shirley will start high school looking just like her friends. Self confidence goes a long way when meeting new challenges.”


The Assistance League of Greater Portland Board

September 3, 2015

In the late 90s, a PTO president and class mom realized that for every field trip, class project, or activity, there were a couple students who couldn’t afford to join in.  That realization sparked a small-scale, grassroots organization that identifies those needs which could be keeping children from a full educational experience and helps to alleviate those needs through an email network of donors.  e-Angels Incorporated has since grown from the PTO of one solitary elementary school into a non-profit that has helped almost 900 kids at 19 different schools.   e-Angels describes their mission as “Helping children fully participate in a rich educational experience regardless of socio-economic status.”


“e-Angels is an outstanding idea of providing support to our students. We have used e-angels for the past 7 years.  The teachers are aware of this program and do all requests through my office.  e-Angels brings smiles to the faces of students when the teacher tells the student and parent that his/her field trip has been funded.  Many grandparents, parents and friends of Sunrise continue on with e-Angels to support our students.”

           Barry K. Pichard, Principal Sunrise Elementary School, Brevard Co., FL