March 23, 2020

The Problem

Most colleges are closed for the semester, leaving students without appropriate storage for several months. Traditional storage companies may be out of room.

A Solution

If your company has unused warehouse space that doesn’t require enormous security, go ahead and share it.

This idea by:

U Haul (ok, we’re inspired by what they’re doing, they’re giving 30 days free).

March 23, 2020

The Problem

Most small organizations, non-profits included, don’t have the time, experience, or staff to create disaster response type documents.

The Opportunity

Many business leaders have disaster response documents. Some are prepared internally, some are prepared by industry organizations. For instance, the landscape association has shared generalized response documents. These documents are usually not proprietary in nature.

Suggested by:

Frank Mariani, Mariani Landscape

March 22, 2020

The idea

Many companies have licenses to video conferencing applications like Zoom and GotoMeeting. You may be able host meetings for charities for a larger group than a free license might allow. Plus, there’s a learning curve. You can help get the charity over that curve.

Who gets credit for the idea?

Rob at Gendercool

March 22, 2020

The problem

Many companies used lunch time or after work get togethers to build company spirit. With quarantines and so many people working from home, that’s no longer happening. Jobs are at stake, as is the very survival of thousands of small businesses.

A solution

Brian at Issuer Direct is still buying lunch for his coworkers each week. They get to order in from a local restaurant.

March 22, 2020

The problem

Day care is always a problem, and it’s even worse now. It’s especially hard for those in our communities that we’re asking to stay at work (like health care workers, fire and police, and the folks who sell us groceries).

A solution

This is something Mark Cuban (yes, that Mark Cuban) talked about on TV the other day. He has day care centers in some of his businesses. He’s opening them to the folks who are keeping our economy going.

Suggested by:

John at Gendercool

March 22, 2020

The problem

Quarantines means that seniors in care facilities are more isolated than ever. They can really use computers so that they can Facetime or Zoom with family.

A solution

xyz charity collects old (really old) computers and puts them to use in senior care facilities.


blah at blah

March 19, 2020

Many businesses, small and large, want to do all that they can during these challenging times. Many of these companies are fighting for survival, so giving money isn’t a choice. But they still would like to help. We built this virtual suggestion box to give business leaders one place to look for suggestions. To get started, we asked 450,000 iGive and iConsumer members (plus 35,000 iGive charities) what they would suggest a business leader might consider.

Not every suggestion is appropriate for every business, but who knows, maybe one is right for a business in which you’re involved.

Let’s make this virtual suggestion box as robust as we can. Whether you’re a business leader, a non profit leader, or just somebody special, share good suggestions (they don’t have to be original).

After a short review (we’ll try to eliminate duplication and keep suggestions short), we’re posting ideas we receive on this blog. To make sure these suggestions get a wide audience Issuer Direct / AccessWire is publishing press releases highlighting them.

How it works:

Email suggestions as to how business might help to If you know of a charity that can help put the suggestion into practice, also let us know their name and contact info. We also want to give you credit for making the suggestion, so tell us who you are. We know that every charity needs money right now, but this isn’t the place to seek donations. Read the posts below to see the kinds of things we think will attract business interest.

Who’s behind this effort?

Issuer Direct (NASDAQ: ISDR) is a leading provider of corporate services for public companies, including Accesswire. iConsumer (OTCQB: RWRDP): where consumer become shareholders simply by shopping. Since 1997, iGive members have supported charities simply by shopping.

April 22, 2017

Make Every Day Earth Day Make Every Day Earth Day wants to help you help your Cause – whatever that cause may be.  On Earth Day this year, we are celebrating one of our merchant partners, Coyuchi, who is dedicated to providing you with quality products, while maintaining a high standard of excellence in environmental and social initiatives.

From an environmental standpoint, Coyuchi looks at the full life of a product—from the farm where the fiber is produced to what happens to the product when it reaches the end of its life. By partnering with fabric mills and workshops that share this reverence for environmental and social sustainability,  Coyuchi’s high quality standards can be maintained and impact on the planet, minimized. Through continued effort and ingenuity, they work to ensure environmental performance at production facilities.

“We believe that knowing where your linens come from and how they are made brings peace of mind.”

Coyuchi uses only natural fibers, sourcing the materials carefully and processing them minimally—so organic cotton truly feels like cotton, linen feels like linen, and wool feels like wool.  To guarantee that products align with these goals to be as ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible, they rely on guidelines and certifications from organizations around the world, including Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification and a growing collection of Fair Trade Certified goods.

To learn more about Coyuchi’s extensive environmental & social initiatives, visit their site here.

With & Coyuchi, shop with confidence and shop with conscience.


April 21, 2017

Every purchase plants a tree.

Changing the world sounds big. None of us can change the world alone, but when we all work together, a lot of small choices can make a huge impact – every step makes a difference.  This is Bambeco’s philosophy and also’s (by changing shopping for good!).

According to Oxford University research, planting and growing trees is the best way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse global warming.

Bambeco is proud to partner with American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country, for a joint commitment to restore and protect forests and minimize climate change.

American Forests Logo

With every Bambeco purchase, American Forests will plant a tree. That means every earth friendly purchase adds another tree to our landscape and another step towards counteracting climate change.

Since they launched the “Every Purchase Plants a Tree” initiative last November, they’ve planted over 20,000 trees—enough trees to supply oxygen for 40,000 people, save and clean 2.4 billion gallons of water and absorb 480 tons of carbon dioxide per year!


We are unwavering in our commitment to create and source products that are crafted in ways that cause less harm to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.  For more information, check out Bambeco’s Sustainable Living Blog.

Together, we’ll grow forests. Together, we’ll change shopping for good.

Together we can do so much.

January 18, 2017

Make-A-Wish Germany fulfills the long-desired wishes of children and young adults between the ages of three and 18 years, who suffer from life-threatening illnesses. With this, they and their families experience happy and unforgettable moments, which give them hope, strength and joy of life to carry them as they fight against their illness. For iGive merchant partner, Condor Airlines, it is a particular honor to be able to make a small contribution.

In 2016, to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Germany’s most popular leisure airline flew at least one child to a dream destination for a short period of time out of their everyday life, which is too oft determined by illness.

A few trips included:

The 11-year-old Tomàs, who is suffering from cancer, and was happy to visit a sloth farm in Costa Rica. In June, 5-year-old Alicia, who is suffering from cystic fibrosis, finally visited her grandmother in the Dominican Republic.  The next dream that Condor fulfilled in cooperation with Make-A-Wish in August, belonged to Yasin from Munich. The 14-year-old, who is ill with leukemia, simply wanted to spend a carefree holiday with his family in Majorca. “With all my heart I wish for a hotel with a swimming pool”, said Yasin, full of anticipation for the journey.