February 28, 2013


Levi Strauss & Co. has been committed to philanthropy since its inception in 1873.  Levi Strauss (the founder) donated to scholarship funds at the University of California Berkeley in 1897 and that philanthropic spirit has evolved and persisted through to the present day.

levi foundation

“Each of us has a capacity to make business not only a source of economic wealth, but also a force for social and economic justice.”

~Walter Haas, Jr., Levi Strauss & Co. CEO, 1958–70

Levi’s supports two major foundations. The Red Tab Foundation is dedicated to supporting Levi’s employees in times of need. The Levi Strauss Foundation is dedicated to philanthropic endeavors across the world, including fighting HIV/AIDS, breaking the cycle of poverty through asset building, and promoting workers’ rights.  Both are utilizing exciting and innovative strategies to help people!

levi foundation 2

February 28, 2013


Angels With Special Needs is a nonprofit organization for children and youth who are severely disabled.  AWSN focuses on including disabled youth in community activities – beyond the schoolroom.  They promote acceptance of disabled youth in every facet of society; fighting to raise awareness that everyone is a member of their community and brings something unique to the table.


AWSN helps provide families with severely disabled children inclusion with recreational and socialization activities free of any cost.  These activities include mini fields trips to the zoo, museums, bowling, movies, swimming and summer camp activities!

Inclusion makes a huge difference for disabled youth and AWSN is out there making it happen.

May 18, 2012

Your cause is listed on iGive.com, so make sure you are letting all of your supporters and potential supporters know! iGive provides causes with a number of great resources to get the word out. Whether you want to promote your partnership on the web, from within your business, or at an event, there are resources right on the iGive website that are perfect for every strategy.

The first step is to go to the website, log into your account and go to the Cause Toolbox. Here you will find all of our resources and a wealth of ideas on how you can use each one. Here are few tips to get you started.

Create and Use Your Custom joinLink
Help your supporters quickly and easily join your cause on iGive.com with your customized joinLink. You can post your joinLink to all of your social networks and share it with all of your fans and followers. When supporters click your custom link they will be directed straight to the page where they can join your cause. The link is customizable, which means you can make it short and easy to remember. Place it on printed materials too!

Banners and Logos
Encourage more of your supporters to contribute through iGive.com by placing a banner or logo on your website or blog. With customized HTML code, the banners and logos can be easily implemented in your website. Use the banner to direct people to your joinLink and maximize your iGive donations. We have eight to choose from!




Flyers and Brochures
Put your iGive listing in the hands of every potential supporter. Here we have some great flyers, posters and brochures for you to customize and distribute. Want to offer a quick introduction to iGive? Try the Introductory Trifold Brochure. Looking to get your joinLink in the hands of your supporters? Try the One Page Flyer with Tear-Off Tabs. Put a flyer in your fundraising event gift bags. Have them available wherever your supporters will be.

Blurbs and Ads
We have a number of suggested blurbs or ads you can place on the web or in newsletter and postings. Use your joinLink in each and you will immediately start driving increased supporters and donations.

What unique ways have you used to promote iGive to your cause’s supporters?