April 3, 2014



Art.com, the leading online art experience and gallery, is committed to supporting art education in schools.  As part of the company’s ongoing Art Sparks Learning campaign, Art.com gives twenty pieces of artwork to three different schools selected through a combination of need and interest.  Through April, Art.com is also hosting a contest for the public to vote for their favorite school. Finalists are announced & voting begins on April 28th!
The winner will receive $1000 in art supplies from BLICK Art Materials.  As they say, Art.com is “Supporting art education today and inspiring the artists of tomorrow.”

April 2, 2014

Princess and her foster mom

Valhalla Rescue is an animal rescue group specializing in giant breeds of canines.  They are focused primarily on getting medical attention for dogs that would otherwise be euthanized for treatable medical conditions.  They rescue all abused and neglected animals in the area and provide training and a family environment for the dogs while they’re waiting for their forever homes.  They also fund raise for a food bank and medical expenses.  ”In 2013 we provided over 250 meals, 76 vaccines and 13 microchips to help dogs of homeless residents in our community [as well as] save over 150 dogs,” says Valhalla iGive member Patti.


Honey and Badger, two dogs that have been treated and cared for by Valhalla Rescue

April 2, 2014


Tiffany B. raised $181.71 for her cause, Skyler’s Gift Foundation.


Skyler’s Gift Foundation is an organization founded to provide support for families with children lost to complications from premature birth.  The founders, Tiffany and Stephen Bowen, lost one of their twin sons, Skyler, after the twins were born at only 24 weeks.    They started Skyler’s to reach out to other families who had experienced similar loss.  Skyler’s Gift Foundation provides support both fiscally and emotionally, helping to cover funeral costs for the baby and organizing support groups and grief counseling to help parents deal with their loss.  It also helps fund research into preventing premature birth and death.

Tiffany will receive an Uncorked gift card for $150 as a reward for her dedication to Skyler’s Gift Foundation.uncorked

February 25, 2014

Rescue K9-1-1, Inc. is “a rescue group and sanctuary for lost, abandoned and neglected animals”.  Founded by Larry and Loraine Weaver and situated on a 7 acre site in Camp Hill, Alabama, Rescue K9-1-1 cares for hundreds of abandoned animals.  They search for loving homes to adopt the pets that would otherwise have nowhere to live.


Volunteers at Rescue K-9-1-1



Abandoned on the steps of a church, these four have become known as the “church ladies”

“They come to us in so many ways: abused, abandoned, hurt, sick, lost, unwanted & unloved. …A sanctuary for the homeless, Rescue K911 is dedicated to providing food, medical care & shelter, along with caring hearts & loving arms. Giving each one another chance at life and love. Making a difference, one precious life at a time.” (Larry & Loraine, founders).


Rescue K9-1-1 quotes Andrew Vachss when it says, “A dog is like a person, he needs a job and a family to be what he’s meant to be.”


February 25, 2014


First In Families of North Carolina is a state-wide not-for-profit organization that provides support to people with disabilities and their families.  They were founded in 1994, “to help people with disabilities and their families to believe in their dreams, achieve their goals, and give back to others. [They] assist children and adults to be more involved and contributing members of their                                                communities,” (FIFNC).


As one iGive member recounted, “Brian, who has Cerebral Palsy, plays basketball for Special Olympics and dreamed to have his own professional basketball court. FIF purchased a discounted basketball goal and partnered with a local concrete company who sold the concrete at cost and provided the labor for free. For just
$500, FIF and their partners made Brian’s dream come true: a dream that had a price tag of over $2,500! Last fiscal year, FIFNC added 42 to every state dollar received in order to directly support over 2,300 families!”

February 25, 2014


LeeAnn B. is the Super Shopper of the month!  She raised $355.40 for her cause, Chicks Committed to a Cure.

Chicks Committed to a Cure is a team that was formed to raise money to walk in the Susan G Komen 3-Day event.  The 3-Day is a 60 mile walk over three days that fund raises in “support of breast cancer research education, screening and treatment through Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund”.  Chicks Committed to a Cure has been raising money for the 3-Day since 2011.


Susan G Komen 3-Day

For her efforts, LeeAnn will receive a $100 gift card to BedandBreakfast.



January 28, 2014


Pura Vida Bracelets was born in Costa Rica, where the phrase Pura Vida symbolizes the happiness and beautiful moments that can be had there.  Pura Vida Bracelets supports local artisans in Costa Rica, helping provide them with full time jobs.  They have a line of “charity bracelets” which are dedicated to raising money for various causes.  Each bracelet has a cause associated with it, and 20% of the sale price is donated to that cause.


Jorge + Joaquin, the two Costa Rican artisans who inspired Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets participates in One Percent for the Planet, donating 1% of all their proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation to help protect and preserve beaches and oceans across the globe.  Pura Vida recently raised over $30,000 for the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary shooting by donating 100% of their profits.


Paul + Griffin, the two Southern Californians who discovered Jorge and Joaquin and formed the partnership that led to Pura Vida Bracelets


January 28, 2014

Barbara V. is this month’s Super Shopper!  She supports Dogs for Autism, a cause in Greenville, South Carolina.

dogsautismDogs for Autism is a service dog training organization that was founded in 1991 as Dogs for Disabled.  They became known for their high quality training and willingness to push the boundaries.  In 1999, the mother of an autistic son, approached DFD with a proposition – that service dogs could be trained to work with children with autism.  Dogs for Disabled took on the challenge with positive results and in 2007 decided to focus solely on training dogs for autism work, changing their name to Dogs for Autism.  They continue to train dogs to make a huge difference in the lives of families of children with autism.

Lowe’s has partnered with iGive to reward Barbara with a $100 gift card.lowes

January 28, 2014

The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts is a complex on the Wilmington Riverfront that houses galleries, artist-in-residence studios, and a gift shop.  They offer free admission to their thirty plus exhibitions each year, and they are extensively involved in community outreach in the arts.


As one of our iGive members put it,

“For over 30 years the DCCA has given Delawareans access to extraordinary works of contemporary art.  In addition to exhibitions, DCCA commits to educational and community outreach through various programs, such as Artist Residencies with under-served community groups and Contemporary Connections, a model program that fuses art with schools’ core curriculum, offering fresh new ways to teach subjects such as math and science.  The DCCA has partnered in some way with more than 60 community groups and schools, bringing together under-served populations, especially children, with skilled teaching artists to introduce them to art and to help build vital life skills.  Since they were first created over 15 years ago, [their] community outreach programs have touched thousands of lives.  Admission to the DCCA is free for everyone every day [they] are open.  [They] believe that nobody should be deprived of the arts, regardless of their ability to pay an admission fee.”


Since joining iGive, the DCCA has earned over $600 to help them achieve their goals!

January 1, 2014





A portion of all proceeds from the PBS KIDS Shop goes to support the educational programming that continues to shape the minds of children. PBS KIDS is the number one trusted educational brand on television.  PBS KIDS brings you programs that nurture the minds and spirits of children while encouraging them to have fun exploring the world around them.

From new friends Wild Kratts and Super Why, to the classics of Sesame Street & Clifford the Big Red Dog, PBS KIDS ensures learning is kept fun & creative.